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My name is Gillian I am art photographer and textile designer with a love for fashion and simply creating photographic art with my camera 

Having studied photography in the UK I then  lived and worked aboard for 12 years in the USA and Gulf  countries working as a fine art photographer and working in portrait and fashion work.  My work has always been quite conceptual with a strong fashion element. Working with people in unique locations I would dress my models with fabrics  and textiles to form part artwork . I have worked with companies such as  Next ,Virgin Music and Sundance film festival photographing models and actors producing a unique images for cover of magazines . 

My photographic work is conceptual based around photographing people in enigmatic landscapes . This usually involves searching high and low for a the next locations photographing my subjects  in unique poses, getting the lighting right and styling them in a way they may have not done before. 

I am usually found  climbing hills, sailing a boat or peering into buildings always  looking for unique locations that catch my eye.

The Experience

With a love photographing people my aim is to capture you at your best. This is all about the experience . I am offering a photographic experience which is a photoshoot based around Dance, Movement or  Fashion.  This is all about having a fantastic session and enjoying yourself and having fun with a focus on outstanding images tailored for you. Whether you are a dancer or just looking for something for a special occasion this is a special shoot with the option to capture the best moments on a video with a clip made for you.  These images can be  for agents or your portfolio and social media. 

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