A Highly experienced creative my background is in commissioned commercial art work ranging from single pieces to 13 storey buildings in some of the worlds most exquisite locations.

With over 12 years as a professional photographer, working in the UK, USA and Gulf countries, extended period of work in the USA provided both a stunning backdrop and some exciting opportunities to be involved in projects such as the annual Sundance film festival. I have  work with highly respected Agencies enabled me to be providing images for such brands as Petzl and American Express, Exxon Mobil.

Five star hotels and headquarter buildings have provided the canvas upon where I have displayed my craft. Now seeking breathtaking commissions and projects to match my expertise and desire for conceptual fine art.

I am experienced in full creative process from strategy meeting through to concept and design. With a passion for artistic collaboration and creative exploration, energised by working in a multi project, fast paced working environment. I deliver cutting edge artwork and design - catering for the most discerning clients.

My Process runs from establishing the visual ideas right through to art direction and delivering exquisite images that surpass the brief expectations.

Focusing on producing conceptual imaginative photography with highly stylistic components that will tell your story and bring your brand alive, producing surface pattern designs for fashion and incorporating some of my textile designs in my photography which forms part of the artistic image.

Recently collaborated with a luxury bridal design company to create artistic fashion artwork for fashion image branding.

I am looking to collaborate with fashion designers to create textile designs and conceptual artwork for fashion and art directors work within the fashion and beauty for photoshoots.